Edison Defense Challenge

The Edison Defense Challenge is about using the new embedded platform from Intel to create Defensive applications. This Edison platform combines very small footprint and good performances to make IoT and security applications possible.


Anyone can participate. It’s better to register your name before but you can always show up at the table. To register, easy, just click this twitter link !



Create a kicking, awesome application using one or many Edison boards.

Best 3 applications will be awarded prize including getting one or many boards home.


During Hackito, you have between the start of Hackito and the end of Hackito to create your awesome use of Edison board.

At the end of Hackito, we’ll evaluate the best applications and people will be able to come and defend their use in order for the jury to pickup the 3 vest applications. 48 hours, that’s what you got.


Just show up on the Edison Defense Challenge table where one of Hackito volunteer (your EDC Host) will welcome you and give you access to the board. It will be located in the workshop area (middle floor, look for Edison Defense Challenge signs).


Just connect to the switch or Wifi where the boards will be and connect to the boards (ask the password to your EDC Host)

Practical details

Q: I don’t have an idea, what can I do?

A: Get a life?^H^H^H^H^H^H, ahem no, well, there’s plenty of things to be done: show how fast crypto application run on such tiny modules for privacy and security applications, embed a full opensource VPN for distributed IoT platforms, make Suricata run on it for distributed IDS applications. If you mix Embedded, Open source security tools,  big data^H^H^H^HnoSQL databases e.g. Redis / ELK / …, AND clever ideas, you usually can end up with a great tool or solution, useful worldwide.


Q: I want to create yet-another-hacking-platform?

A: Here the goal is defense, so no, please don’t. Sometime in some challenges, it’s offense… very often because it was “cool” or “elite” or just plain contrarian. Well it seems nowadays that being defensive IS contrarian in security. So for a change build something instead of breaking it 😉 promise, you can break your own application and we can show you how later 🙂


Q: What’s the toolchain?

A: Linux, arduino-compatible shields: just check the Edison docs online and you’ll get full details. There’s plenty of documentation of this IoT platform.


Q: I want to chat about this with people, how can I do?

A: Just twitter with #hackitoedison hashtag.


Q: How to be informed about news on the challenge?

A: Follow this #hackitoedison hashtag and follow Hackito @hesconference where we’ll announce updates.


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