Mickey Shkatov & Jesse Michael

  • Mickey Shkatov & Jesse Michael

Talk : The hidden dangers inside the platform

Computer platforms today are comprised of many controllers and components that are programmable, we will discuss and review the risks and threats of some of these components. We will elaborate and extensively review a specific case and its threats, vulnerabilities, and fixes that we have discovered and responsibly disclosed in an internal 3G/LTE modem product that surprised even us.

Mickey Shkatov is a security researcher and a member of the Intel Advanced Threat Research team. His areas of expertise include vulnerability research, hardware and firmware security, and embedded device security. Mickey has presented some of his past research at DEF CON, Black Hat USA, BruCon, and BsidesPDX

Jesse Michael has been working in security for over a decade and is currently a security researcher at a Fortune 50 company who spends his time causing trouble and finding low-level hardware security vulnerabilities in modern computing platforms.